John Dawson Fly Fishing

Fly Tying Lessons

Learn to tie fishing flies and add a new dimension to your fly fishing.
There is no better feeling than landing a fish caught on a fly that you yourself have tied. I can vividly remember mine from a little stream on the Aberdare Mountains in Kenya almost 60 years ago.
It is not difficult to learn how to tie fishing flies. If you can wind a length of string round your finger you are half way there! Learn a few basic skills and you will be amazed at the flies that you can tie.
A lot of people are put off because the flies are so small and it looks very fiddly or that they will not be able to see what they are doing. DON'T BE. A set of fly dressing tools and magnifying glass or a magnification lamp will help considerably. I have yet to find anyone who cannot tie a fly and I have taught hundreds of people over the years. Confidence is everything.
Fly tying lessons for individuals or groups can be arranged at any suitable venue with fly dressing equipment and materials provided. The cost for individual tuition is £30 an hour or £50 for 2 hours. Group prices on request.

I lead a Fly Dressing Group at the Anchor Pub, Exbridge, near Dulverton and we meet every other Tuesday throughout the year.
It is a very friendly, mixed ability group catering for anyone interested in fly tying.
Anyone interested in learning to tie flies is most welcome to come along, see what we do and have a go. All materials and equipment can be supplied and I will take you through a structured course to learn the basic techniques and skills required while you tie nymphs, wet flies, dry flies, lures and salmon flies with an emphasis on flies that are successful in this area.
During the fishing season the group meet on different local rivers for evenings fishing with tuition for anyone interested.

Fly Tying Classes
Fly tying classes are held at the Anchor Pub Exbridge on alternate Tuesday evenings throughout the year (excluding end of July and August) from 7:30pm to 9:30pm. Beginners and those wishing to develop their skills to a higher level are most welcome to come and join the group.
Materials and equipment can be provided but bring your own if you have any. We concentrate on learning the basic skills and techniques needed to tie flies that are successful on local waters.
There is a small cost of £5 per session.